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Friday 29 March 2013

floral shirt with neon hints

Heels - Urbanog - Skirt - Ebay - Necklace - H&M - Shirt - old

I'm so happy to have 4 days off from work! I have so much planned.  Today I'm going to westfields to watch a film with my bf, tomorrow I have a long drive to Lincolnshire and Sunday I'm going clubbing.  

What I'm also happy about is that the time is changing on Sunday which means I can take more pictures outside, right now when I get home from work it's always dark.

I wore this outfit yesterday to work, these shoes are super comfortable because of the low heel and the strap makes them secure, but because there so bright they seem to brighten up every outfit.  This shirt is a couple years old, its so old I have even forgotten were I bought it from, so I call it vintage hahha

I also dyed my hair the other day, I have gone dark, as much as I liked the lighter hair colour I wanted something different, I love the new colour, it's chocolate brown.

I hope you guys are having a happy good Friday :-)


Saturday 23 March 2013

Boohoo Prints





So today I'm stuck inside, I was meant to be driving to Lincolnshire but half of the UK is at a standstill because of the snow.  It's meant to be spring already dammit!  So course I'm doing some browsing and making my spring/summer wishlist.  I was browsing Boohoo for a while, Boohoo and Asos were probably my favourite online shops years ago when online shopping was still new and they were the most popular.  I stopped shopping at Boohoo for some reason, maybe because there are so many online shops to pick from nowadays.  But if you have a good look they still have a lot of lovely things.

I love prints and colours a lot, probably more so because of my African upbringing and less because of trends.  Boohoo just wowed me with there array of different prints I just had to make a wishlist.  Like seriously I plan to buy every single item on my wishlist lol

What do you guys think? whats your favourite?


Tuesday 12 March 2013

Hints of Neon

Skirt - £22 Missguided - Top - Missguided (old) - Heels - Ebay - Clutch - £3 H&M sale - Earrings H&M

Hey guys, I hope your all well.  If you live in London then I know you are all freezing your arse's off like me! I literally felt like I was going to be blown away any minute!! In saying that I wore this outfit on the weekend before the BIG freeze.

I have recently worn this skirt and top in different outfits on the blog, I wasn't supposed to wear them again so soon but the outfit just came together.  I love the all black with a pop of yellow.  If you're not to comfortable wearing neon or find it too bright but want to try it, working it in to your outfit in small doses like this definitely works well.

I bought these shoes off Ebay for about £25, but cant seem to find the link, sorry!

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