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Sunday 29 July 2012

Orange and Blue

Dress - £55 Asos (Here)
Heels - £49.99 Zara (Here)
Earrings - £7 Saffron (Shop in Woodgreen)

I love this outfit so much! the first time I saw this dress I feel in love with it.  I wore this outfit yesterday to my brothers graduation party, at first I thought the dress was a bit risky as its quite see through considering underneath you only have a pair of short shorts to cover your modesty! but once I had it on the dress was so elegant I forgot all about it.  

I decided to go with a blue and orange theme, I love these two colours together.  I love my new Zara shoes, there super comfortable considering their quite high. 



Friday 27 July 2012

Summer Nights

Vest Top - £10 Urban Outfitters (direct link)
Jean Shorts - £14.99 (direct link)
Hat- £7.99 H&M (direct link)
Necklace - £6 Diamond Petal (direct link)
Boots -  Missguided sold out (Similar)
Watch - £25 River Island - sold out

I was dying to get out of office clothes and enjoy the heat in some loose fitting and comfortable clothes!  This look is the relaxed me.  When I throw on shorts and a hat I feel so comfortable but still sylish (to be fair was hiding my messy hair!)  I love my yellow nails, they just seem to give any outfit an extra pop! xx

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Sunday 22 July 2012

All White Everything

Shirt - £10 Primark
Jeans - £11 Primark
Heels - £24.99 H&M (direct Link)
Earrings - £3.99 Aldo

The suns finally out and is staying for the whole week, thank god!!  Time to bring the skirts and dresses back out before it disappears again :-(

I wore this outfit to the cinema on Friday with my boyfriend.  I normally wouldn't wear all white only because I'm clumsy as hell, I'm surprised I managed to stay ketchup free and didn't spill any coke on myself!

I'm wearing my favorite Primark shirt again and white jeans.  I feel like white can make you look so dressed up without even trying.

I hope your all enjoying the sun and having a lovely Sunday xx

Ps I have just joined Instagram and already hooked! I would love it if you could follow me at Fashionbells , mwah!

Sunday 15 July 2012

Summer Dreaming

Trousers - £12 Select (Sale)
Top - £14 Boohoo (Sale)
Heels - £20 Peacocks

Happy Sunday everyone! This is the first full day I have spent at home since April, madness!  I work two jobs so I'm always out which I hate as I'm such a homely person.

I wore this outfit to work on Friday and the reason why I'm 'Summer Dreaming' as the tittle of this post states is because I'm so fed up of English weather, were meant to be in summer but its constantly raining arrgghh I'm naturally someone that loves to be warm all the time and also enjoy dressing for hot weather, I put that down to being born in a hot country, Kenya.  So when I woke up on Friday to go to work, I thought right I'm putting on a bright outfit so at least what I'm wearing looks sunny!! The outfit also gives me a slight 80ish vibe with all its brightness! I was almost late to work that I forgot to put on any Jewellery, just noticed while looking at these pictures!


Tuesday 10 July 2012

Just me

Dress - Missguided (out of stock)
Wedges - £13 Primark
Floral Blouse - £6 (Select Sale)
Ring - £7 Diamond Petal

Hey peps, Just a quick post of what I wore to work today, seriously this time I mean quick! lol
For work I need to tone it down quite a lot as I work in corporate company.  I would love to tell you a bit more about myself, work and me in general in my next post.  I love knowing a little bit about the people behind my favorite blogs.

I'm off to get my hair colored, I will be showing it off in my next post :-)
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Saturday 7 July 2012

A little Birdie told me

Shirt - £10 Primark
Skirt - £7.99 H&M
Shoes - £25 Peacocks (Old)
Ring - £7 Diamond Petal
Hey guys, hope your all ok.  This will be a quick post as I have just finished a 13 shift and my bed is calling!!

I wore this outfit yesterday to go dinner with my boyfriend to our favorite Thai restaurant, it's truly amazing, if you live in London you should check it out.  We then went to the cinema to watch Spider man and both feel asleep haha I managed to watch bits of it in and out of sleep, it seemed like a good film so I will try and watch it again!

I have noticed since starting my blog that most outfits I wear normally come under £50, I'm pretty proud of that, I do feel like you do not have to spend much to look good.  I always make sure to put the price of my items under the pictures for you guys too.

I'm in love with my H&M skirt, it's just the cutest, I have so many outfit ideas for it.

I did say this was going to be a quick post right.... guess not hehehehe!

Good Night xx

Thursday 5 July 2012

The 'pleated leather skirt'

Pleated Skirt - £33 Ebay 
Shirt - £12 Primark
Bracelet - £10 Aldo
Wedges - £24.99 Garage Shoes
Studs - £2 Forever 21

My title says it all, I'm wearing the famous pleather pleated skirt that all bloggers love!! I try to shy away from buying items I see on too many people in general, but more so clothes I see on bloggers, as I don't want to look like everyone else.  This blog is meant to be about my personal style and not what I have similar to other bloggers.  That being said if I genuinely like something I will get it, because I'm doing it for me and not because its popular.  I have so many ideas in my head of how I can style this skirt which is another reason why I love it! I also love my new bracelet, I want to find any excuse to wear it, its just too cute.

Its almost the weekend and I'm actually so excited to just chill and do nothing! I stupidly run on about 9 hours sleep from Thursday to Saturday working 14 hour shifts and also going out afterwards, being so that I literally slept the entire Sunday and only woke up once to get a drink...Madness!

Hope your all well xx
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