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Thursday 30 May 2013

Fuschia Blazer & White Wedges

Blazer - £10 Ebay
Wedges -  £25 Chicnova
Jeans - £40 Topshop
Jumper - £5 Primark sale
Necklace - Diamond Petal

I cant believe we have reverted back to winter weather at the end of May! I'm feeling so uninspired with my outfits because I mentally prepared myself for summer clothes.  I have literally been living in Jeans, Jumpers and blazers. Either way I'm trying to brighten things up, and this blazer never fails to do the job, its so bright!

Have a great day, I'm getting ready for work, don't forget to enter my competition here.


Saturday 25 May 2013

#4 Outfit Under £30 - Primark Finds

Jacket - £7 Primark sale
Top - £4 Primark
Skirt - £3 H&M sale
Necklace - Diamond Petal
Heels - £40 Zara

So I walking around thinking I was wearing a red top, Until someone at work complimented me on the top and said it was a lovely colour of orange!! Then I looked at these pictures and can now see that the top is actually orange lool but seriously it looks red in person.

This is a similar vest top to the one I wore here, just without the studs.  I bought them in 4 colours, for only £4 the quality is just amazing, my work colleague thought it was more expensive as the material looks quite rich.

I'm also in love with this blazer I bought, only £7 on sale in Primark, it was a omg moment!! this baby is going for more than £50 in places like Zara.  I also bought a pink one for £10.

I haven't done an outfit under £30 for ages, the last one was here.  This outfit comes in at only £14!!

Dont forgot to enter my Oasap Competition here!!


Thursday 23 May 2013

Oasap Giveaway

Hi lovely people! I feel like I haven’t blogged in a long while, life is definitely busy at the moment, but busy means productivity and that equals progress! So I can’t complain.

I have a lovely giveaway today!! This is one of those giveaways were you want to keep it all to yourself haha Like how I feel when I’m doing my Christmas shopping, I buy people gifts I would like, then have a hard time parting with them!

So this giveaway is for a lovely dress from Oasap in a size Medium.  I actually wanted the white one for my birthday but saw it too late.

More details on the dress here

There are only 2 entry requirements:

1.Open an Oasap account here
2. Either like my Facebook  page or Bloglovin ( both if you want to make me a happy lady!)

The winner will be announced on June 1st.  Good luck and thanks for entering.

The winner is Danielle Villano! congrats girl.  Thank you to everyone who entered x

Friday 17 May 2013

Tropical Stripes

Heels - Primark, old
Jumper - £8 H&M
Necklace - £3 Primark
Clutch - H&M
Skirt - £34 Ebay

Its Friday!! I love the fact that everyone is extra happy on Friday’s, only if it could be like that every day.

I wore this outfit two days ago.  The weathers not great at the moment, it’s not freezing, but I have been reverted back to wearing jumpers now and again, like you will also see in my next post.

I dusted off these Primark heels I bought about four years ago.  They were my favourite pair of shoes the year I bought them and I'm glad they’re still going strong.  What I like most about re wearing old items is that their unique and probably won’t be all over the blogosphere!

PS: Thanks to my lovely reader Emmanuella from NuellaSource for your lovely post about my blog, it really made my day! You can check it out here

Monday 13 May 2013


Skirt - H&M old
Top - £4 Primark
Heels - £40 Zara
Triangle Necklace - £7 Diamond Petal

Happy Monday everyone.  I'm now back to feeling human!  I actually took these pictures before my birthday, but planning and partying got in the way of posting.

I bought this cute skirt last year, I think it was about £10.  When I bought it I thought it was a perfect casual skirt, but it always seems to turn into a dressy outfit when I wear it.  I also wore it last year on the blog here.

Thanks for all your comments, I love reading them and they always make my day x


Sunday 12 May 2013

Virgos Nicola Lounge Dress

Dress: £89 Virgos Lounge 
Heels: £7 H&M sale
Clutch: Primark old

Other then going to work I have been very unproductive this week.  I was actually really tired after too much celebrating  and when I went back to work on Wednesday I also had a surprise birthday dinner to go to for a work colleague  that night I got home at 3am and was up at 6am to go work!! I'm only truly recovered today.. think its old age hahaha

So remember my post on Virgos Lounge here, This is the stunning dress I picked.  I felt like a princess with it on, all I can describe it as is perfect.  It was longer than I thought if you compare it to be model wearing it, but I'm a lot shorter, but I didn't mind at all.

I also added a few pictures from the dinner, this is all my family, the people I spend most my time with.  My boyfriend aka Photographer is at the back on the left in the group picture.  My niece also helped me blow out my cake, well I had no choice really, kids LOVE blowing out candles lol ain't she cute :-)


Monday 6 May 2013

Birthday Outfit: Zara and Missguided

Dress - £30 Missguided
Heels - £70 Zara
Clutch - £3 H&M sale
Earrings - Primark old

Hey Everyone, Hope your all enjoying your extended weekend! Like I said before I have so much planned this Birthday weekend.  I wore this outfit to part 1 of my celebrations (yes we do parts, and I have 3 parts in total ahahaa)  I went to a club called Revolution in Central London.

This wasn't my planned dress, but the dress I had planned to wear a month ago turned up a day before going out after ordering it 3 weeks ago, it was too small and they sent black instead of white, I had a major panic!
Luckily Missguided have next day delivery if you order before 9 pm, at this point I had 30 minutes to find something  lol  But I found this beauty of a dress and now I'm glad I wore this one instead.  What do you guys think? 

These heels have got to be the most perfect ever! The design is amazing and they are so comfortable, after a night of dancing my feet were fine.  Their definitely the best heels in my collection.

I'm off to pick up my cake for my Dinner tonight.  My Birthday is actually tomorrow though.


Wednesday 1 May 2013

Fuschia Blazer

Skinny Jeans - £36 Topshop
Floral vest top - £8 H&M
Silver bag - £3 Primark
Blazer -£10 Ebay
Necklace - Diamond Petal
Heels - £7 H&M (sale)

The sun is still upon us, I feel like its too good to be true and soon we will be back to normal crap British weather... let me not jinx it! lol 

I wore this outfit to work on Monday.  I didn't realize until writing the prices that all the items with the exception of the Topshop jeans are under £10! who says you have to spend a lot to look good eh.

If your on a hunt for a blazer I recommend buying this one from my Ebay link.  The quality is amazing, better then what I have seen in most shops.  I'm planning on getting a few more colours too.  Also these sandals were a steal at only £7 on sale! They look a bit blurred in the pictures, but for the price their amazing.  

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