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Monday 12 December 2011

Nasty Gal

Afternoon Lovelies.  I have just come across a fashion website called Nasty Gal.  I absolutely love everything they sell.  Their shoes are to die for and the clothes are so unique.  There are so many online stores out there now, most sell similar or even identical stuff.  This store to me is different to all the online shops out there at the moment.  I cant wait for my first buy, I'm a bit broke at the moment! but this is my wishlist and hopefully  all these items will be in my wardrobe soon :-)

Look 1: I love  Leopard mullet skirt, its so on trend right now.
Look 2: I like the cut out shoulder shirt, it puts a whole new spin on the shirt look and makes it look more feminine.
Look 3:  I have been looking for smart shorts for a while and these are just perfect.
Look 4: I must be the only person that hasn't bought jean shorts, I keep saying I need too! I really love these shorts and I will be looking forward to wearing them loads in summer.
Look 5: I love this jumpsuit, its bright and on trend! what more can I say.
Look 6:  Velvet shorts are fast becoming a fashion staple, even though their quite short, the velvet material keeps it looking elegant.
Look 7 - 10: Of course its winter now in London, so I really need to invest in some jumpers and cardigans.  Because your covering up its still easy to remain stylish with the right jumpers and I think all these jumpers do the job with the details,style and colours.

If you want to check out Nasty Gal their website is , What do you think of their site and my wish list? xx
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Saturday 3 December 2011

Fur it up

This week has gone so fast.  Its been a boring week for me, I have been working and getting use to this horrible cold weather... which I need to stop moaning about because it's here to stay hehe

I did manage to squeeze in a nice trip to West End to watch Shrek the Musical.  I was so excited! Its funny how no matter how old you are you can still get excited about cartoons and anything related to it!  Let me just say Shrek was amazing, I laughed so hard.  To those of you that know Richard Blackwood, he played donkey and I think he stole the show.  This is a must see for lots of laughter with your friends. x

Fur waistcoat - £25 Boohoo
Shirt - £20 H&M
Jewellery - Diamond Petal
Wedge Boots - £19 Garage Shoes

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Winter go away!

Yesterday I was super excited to see Miguel in concert.  The wait was worth it because he was amazing.  To me when someone sounds even better live and can blow you away again and again that's super talent right there!  If you haven't heard of him I recommend you to watch some videos on you tube.  As amazing as the concert was its always crap having to wait in a queue for ages when its freezing cold!  I'm also a summer girl so adjusting to this weather is difficult  :-(

                                                                            Jumper -
                                                                            Boots -
                                                                            Rings -
                                                                           Skinny Jeans - Walk In

How you guys coping with this cold weather?


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Thursday 24 November 2011

I have been lusting over this Stella McCartney Lucia Polka-Dot Sheer Knit Dress.  This dress is so unique, elegant yet sexy all in one.  My jaw dropped when I saw an almost identical dress at for only £20, I couldn't believe my luck.  I love this dress so much and cant wait to wear it.  You will definitely see a post about it soon. Now its time to think of somewhere to wear it hhmmm version


Friday 28 October 2011

Out and about

I wore this outfit for my cousins 20 th birthday, she makes me feel so old! i love the colour contrasts and different patterns on the top.  I feel uber confident putting an outfit like this together because i know no one else will have it on!

The top is from Primark about £6, the shorts from Newlook for £20 and i bought the shoes about 2 years ago from peacocks.  Finally the statement red ring is from Diamond Petal.
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