Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Colour Blocking

Skirt - Lavish Alice - old
Cami  - Asos
Heels - Boohoo

I may be trying to hold on to summer a little bit longer, well to be honest it's too cold to wear a cami now so this will be my last post with my arms this exposed! I shot this last week when the weather was pleasant enough for me not to freeze.

It seems like colour blocking is making a comeback, I don't know if it's an official trend but it's definitely popular again. When the trend made it's way out a few years ago I wasn't happy about it, I love colour blocking, it should be one of those forever in trend, trends.

This skirt is from a few years back, but I really wanted to style it with an orange top, I love this combination together. I tried to find a similar skirt to link but unfortunately it's quite a unique design.

Do you like the colour blocking trend?