Monday, 20 February 2012


It's been ages since I have updated on my blog and I hate it!  I have let things get in the way to much! I must admit with the horrible weather we have been having in London I've been more concerned about keeping warm and staying in! Because my job requires me to wear uniform I feel like every time I have been out lately has been only in my uniform! sometimes I envy those fashion students that look lovely every day! I missed my blog too much and wont be away this long again!!

This weekend I went out to celebrate a friends birthday, we went to a lovely Lebanese restaurant called Levant behind Selfridges in Oxford Street and this is the outfit I wore.  I'm in love with these patterned platform heels and looking forward to getting loads of wear out of them :-)

Dress - £24.99 Missguided (direct link)
Shoes - 24.99 Newlook (direct link)
Jewellery - Primark


  1. Hello, I found your blog through chicisismo!
    You have a very cute style and I love your looks!

    And this sandals... OMG!!!

    Follow each other?

    Kisses *CB*

    1. thanks for you comment hun, you also have a lovely blog, now following x