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Midi Dress

Dress - £18 (Asos sale, sold out)
Heels - £25 Newlook (old)
Clutch bag - £12.99 Newlook (Direct link)

I love reading my favorite blogs, getting new ideas from other bloggers is great.  There are bloggers out there you wish you had their wardrobe, but as much as I love their style i don't envy them, I appreciate their style, but I have my own, but... one thing I do envy is the the amazing pictures they take!  Especially bloggers that can make any location look fab because their photography skills are amazing!  I bet your wondering why the hell I'm talking about this... because as much as I love the outfit I wore to the wedding, I didn't like the pictures much.  I'm still a newbie when it comes to taking great pictures and changing camera settings.  Also when I take pictures inside (Mainly when it's too dark to take pics outside) I never know how the lighting will be, this time it looks to yellow for my liking!

Anyways, I hope you like this outfit, this is the first midi dress I have worn, I'm quite short and was worried it would swallow my legs but I actually didn't feel like that once I put it on.  It's such and elegant dress but very sexy at the same time, especially how figure hugging it is and the detail at the back!  To give it more of a pop I wore it with a tropical theme clutch.

Hope you're all having a good weekend xx


  1. hi!
    i just came across ur blog and love ur dress!
    i follow u!
    follow me back?

  2. Carol, you look absolutely stunning in that feminine red midi dress. Especially the detailing at the back is such a statement :-). I hear ya when it comes to the quality of good pics usually good cams can contribute to that or even a good lighting. Try to take some outdoor pics at the weekend when you don't have time during the week, that's how I do it :-)

    <3 ani


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