Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jeans Day

Jeans - Newlook 
Vest Top - Primark
Bag - £12 Select
Blazer - £15 H&M
Necklace - £7 Diamond Petal (here)

Hello Shorter hair! so yeah my extensions lasted only a week and a half! As much as I loved them they always start feeling heavy and I always miss my own hair, it was fun while it lasted.  I took the plunge and dip dyed my own hair.  I love it, but as I thought it has taken a toll on my ends and their super dry at the moment,  Hopefully a few conditioning sessions will do the job.

I wore this yesterday to run a few errands, it was raining like mad yesterday, as you can see my umbrella has made a little appearance in my bag, probably not the last one either...sigh.


  1. Carolk, I noticed it immediately and I love your dip dyed hair and the shorter version :-)
    I always use Herbal Essenses, love the conditioner and smell :-)

    super cute urban look for running errands :-)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on ym anniversary post :-) You are so sweet :-9


  2. You´re really pretty Carol!:)