Friday, 28 June 2013

Primark AW13 Collection

 I did a OMG and scrolled back to the top of the page to make sure this really was a Primark collection!! I thought this amazing collection would be to selfish for me not to share.

I do shop in Primark once in a while, to be honest there are more misses then hits.  But what I love is when you find those gems, like a top that looks like you spent at least £50, but in Primark its £8, your a winner!  The shoe range is killing me softly because I want them all!!

PS to all my beautiful international ladies that do not have a Primark, Asos is now stocking them here!!! Its a new deal so I'm sure it will take them a while to put everything on there.


  1. wow dear...I want primark in Italy too :"""(
    really great post and blog...what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog...

    NEW POST!!!

  2. Omg *rushes online* :).

    thanks for sharing

  3. I want primark in Greece too!!!
    I have been once in Germany and i bought some clothes, they were so cool!!!
    Loved your purchases

    With love,
    chicates from Greece

  4. Unbelievable that this is indeed Primark! To be honest, I have never been in my life in a Primark :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  5. The shoes are amazing, I want them all!!!

  6. This collection is awesome! I love the shoes, especially the ankle boots!

    xx Bo

  7. Lovely post! Great shoes... trendy and chic!
    Kisses from Miami,

  8. Every pieces here is unique and gorgeous, i want all the shoes:) nice blog

  9. I HAVE to have the black shoe boots! And the shoes are just amazing <3 fab post, do u know when theyre hitting the shops? Xx