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Home Decor: Motivational Art

We all need that little push from time to time, for me probably too often!  Quotes have the ability to pop up on somone's Instagram page at the right time as if that person posted it just for me and it gives me that instant lift that I needed! I'm sure that's happened to you too.

Hopefully within the next year me and Lewis will be buying our first house together, I love interior design so naturally I find myself looking for ideas of how I plan to decorate.  I love the idea of quotes in picture frames, I'm definitely going to hang them in my mini home office, the perfect place when you need that extra push to work harder.

All frames from The Motivated Type


  1. Great qoutes dear,
    Love thefirst one most,i find it more inspiring.
    Check out our latest post
    Keep intouch

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