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Miami and Bahamas

It's so bittersweet looking at holiday pictures,  all I see is blue skies and all I want is to go back!  Its been over a month since I got back from Miami, it was probably one of my best holidays, although it took a good two weeks to recover as it was a super active holiday!

It was so easy getting around Miami, we stayed in The Monte Carlo hotel on Miami Beach, we had an amazing view of the beach from the balcony, I remember being woken everyday by the sound of the sea and kids playing on the beach, what a change from being woken up by your annoying alarm clock!

During the day we would wonder around looking for somewhere new to eat, Miami has such a big South American community, were as in London for me its very rare to met someone from South America.  So we made it our mission to taste all the different cuisines that Miami had to offer.

We would take bus to South Beach, we went to Nikki Beach and wet willies (they have the best alcoholic slush puppies) and a few other places friends had recommend as 'must see places to visit'.  I'm not really much of a raver but the night life in Miami is insane, we went clubbing five times in the 9 days we were there! crazy!! The clubs there are so much bigger than in the UK and the whole experience is different.

We managed to go to the Bahamas for one day, with just a 4 hour journey to get there I would recommend it to anyone visiting Miami.  Although I wish I had spent more than a day there.  I went snorkeling for the first time and screamed my head off on the jet skis, we ended our trip with some amazing Caribbean food.


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