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20 things I have learnt in my 20's

It's my birthday today and I'm the BIG 3-0!!! (insert shocked face emoji!).  I know, I know, I look like I'm barely 18! I find it very hard to convince people of my age. People always say they don’t know where time has gone, but to be honest I feel like I have been in my 20’s for such a long time.  I have been through a lot in life at such a young age, my 20’s were all about finding who I was as a person, making lots of mistakes, having a lot of fun along the way and becoming the person I’am today.  

I thought it would be great to make a post about some of the things I have learnt in my 20’s and I hope it will give those of you some hope if you are going through anything, that its normal and it shall pass.  It’s not all bad, there are some good points in there too.  So here goes: 

 1. You may find that the degree you studied for might be totally unrelated to the job you now have. But don’t worry, it was not a waste of time, you most likely got that job because you have your degree.  I have a degree in Multimedia Technology (web design, programming, graphic design, computer networking etc.) but I work for a Private Equity company as a PA and Events Manager.  Even though its unrelated to my Degree, I'm great with computers and have found that my skills are transferable.
 2. Still touching on the degree subject.  You will have to start from the bottom and work your way up.  I have seen a lot of people that finished university, gain a fantastic degree and expected to get an amazing position straight away or wouldn't work until that happened. I'm not saying you can't get that amazing job, this is more for the people that aren't in that amazing job yet, don’t worry it will come.  Don’t feel defeated because you studied hard for years and feel like you should have a better job then the one your in now.  Those years will teach you a lot and prepare you.  My first graduate job was at 21 and I never felt satisfied, I felt like the wait for that dream job was taking too long. Then I got the job I'm in now at age 27.   I'm now thankful for those years as they trained me from the bottom up. Seeing how far you have come, how hard you have worked is also satisfying, instead of getting everything handed on a plate. 
3. Don’t compare yourself to others.  We all do this, by now we all know the grass isn't always greener and when it comes to social media people only ever post the good things in their life and keep the bad behind closed doors.  The worst comparison we make is wanting to look like the girls on the TV and in our day and age, the popular girls on social media.  When I was younger I use to want bigger boobs, now I couldn't care less, half the time I don’t notice their there and they have no impact in any of my life decisions! 

4. Make sure to travel as much as you can before you get tied down with commitments. 

5. You will lose a few friends, I think this happens any time in life, but it hurts more when that friend was a childhood/school friend.  Just know it's not personal and you probably just grew apart and no longer have the same interests. 

6. Equally you will make lots of new friends.  But this time it's different, Instead of having one group of friends with all the same interests, you will have different type of friends that tap into the different sides of your personality. 

7. Stay at your parents as long as you can and save! Who doesn't want cheap or next to nothing rent for as long as possible with the added addition of free cooked meals! My plan was to stay until I was 30 lol (that didn't happen of course!).      

8. A nice car should be your last investment, cars lose value the minute you buy them.  Focus on your goals first, whether that be buying a house, paying for a course, starting a business etc.

9. The older you get the less you care about what people think, it’s a great feeling!

10. You may have ignored every lecture your parents gave you when you was younger but the older you get the more you rely on their advice.

11.  Stop dieting! I was guilty of this for many years, its just a temporary fix, work out and eat clean.

12. Never stop learning, reading and educating yourself.
13. Learning how to take toxic people out of your life will become easier.

14. You will spend less money in cheap places like Primark and invest more in investment pieces.  I can't be asked to replace items of clothing like its a daily chore! Ain't nobody got time for that!!

15. You will find love when you least expect, probably when your not even looking :-)

16. Learn how to be alone, its great to take time out and have 'me' time.

17. Clubbing will get boring very quickly, you will realise its the same old thing just on a different day!

18. You will eventually learn to love you for you, flaws and all, I wouldn't have believed this at 20 years old.

19. You will learn how to be patient, you cant achieve everything you have ever dreamt of in life in the little time you have probably given yourself.

20.  Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!


  1. Amazing! Can't believe you're 30. Congratulations.

  2. Great post and happy birthday!!!

  3. Wow I never would have thought you were 30, you look so much younger, happy belated birthday!!
    DeeVine Anonyme


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