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Natural Baby Products

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I'm glad I put it off until I truly tried and tested these products for a few months before reviewing them.  I have an obsession with finding natural and organic products for myself, so I definitely knew I wanted the same for Ava.

It's funny because before I became aware of how many chemicals a lot of products contain especially from big brands, I just blindly assumed that these companies would make sure all the ingredients were safe and natural, definitely a wrong assumption!  I will be sharing more of the natural products I enjoy here on the blog so keep an eye out.

Body Wash Products

Weleda Shampoo and Body Wash - This was the first body wash I used on Ava, it has a creamy consistency, it doesn't have a strong scent if any and only lathers up slightly.  The main ingredients are Calendula and Almond oil.  I used this for a couple of months on Ava and for the price you get a lot of use out of it.  I still use this now, but I wanted to try out some other options.

Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Wash - This baby wash is my favourite! and its organic.  I love that this wash lathers up more.  It has a lovely mild flowery smell and the main ingredients are chamomile and aloe vera.

Atelya Organics -  This is another 100% organic wash, it smells lovely and lathers up well.  I did like this body wash but it does leave Ava's skin a bit dry so I won't be buying this again for Ava after its finished.


Kokoso Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is everything! it's an all purpose oil, I use it as my moisturiser, on my hair and as a cooking oil.  It was a no brainer to use it on Ava too.

When she was a newborn up until about 6 months old I only used coconut oil on Ava's skin and hair.
I believe the less ingredients you use on a babies delicate new skin the better.  I also use coconut oil on her instead of nappy cream or baby powder. Coconut oil acts as a barrier and prevents irritation, I believe this is the reason why Ava has never had a rash.

I will always use coconut oil on Ava like I have done on myself for the last four years.  The Kokoso brand pictured above is great, but it finished very quickly.  We now use the same coconut oil I use for myself from Holland and Barretts, the jar is much bigger and if you buy it when Holland and Barretts are doing buy one and get one for a penny, you get a whole jar for free!

Weleda Baby Oil -  As I mentioned above, coconut oil is bae! it will always be a staple.  but as I really loved Weleda's baby wash so I wanted to give their oil a try.  It's a great alternative oil which contains calendula.  It's also 100% organic which is not easy to find in natural products.  This oil also gives Ava's hair a lovely shine.  I will definitely keep this in my arsenal of products too.

Hair Products

Shea Moisture Mango and Carrot Conditioner - From newborn to 6 months old I only used the two body washes mentioned above on Ava.  At around 6 months when her hair started growing a lot more in length and thickness so she needed a more moisturising product.

I already use Shea Moisture myself, their a great natural brand.  The mango and carrot conditioner is super moisturising and smells amazing.  I leave this in Ava's hair whilst she's bathing to give her a mini deep conditioner.  I also added the shampoo from the same range at around 8 months old.

I love to use Almond oil and Argan oil to add shine to Ava's hair, When she was born I only used a bit of oil on her hair.  Now she's almost one I will be adding hair cream from the Shea Moisture range to her routine.

I also sometimes use the Jamaican Castor Oil on a small patch that Ava has where the hair is growing a bit slower then the rest of her hair.  It's great for hair growth and I have seen a bit of growth there from using it.

For nappies and wipes I love to use Water Wipes, it's a chemical free brand which only contains purified water and fruit extracts.  It's important to use pure products to prevent nappy rashes, especially avoiding wipes that contain fragrances.

I use Naty by Nature Nappies which is made from natural and renewable materials, is chlorine free and fragrance free.  They fit great and I have never experienced any leakages.

I love all these products and will definitely continue using them. So far Ava has irritation free skin and I think all these natural products have contributed to this.

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