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Summer Dreaming

Trousers - £12 Select (Sale)
Top - £14 Boohoo (Sale)
Heels - £20 Peacocks

Happy Sunday everyone! This is the first full day I have spent at home since April, madness!  I work two jobs so I'm always out which I hate as I'm such a homely person.

I wore this outfit to work on Friday and the reason why I'm 'Summer Dreaming' as the tittle of this post states is because I'm so fed up of English weather, were meant to be in summer but its constantly raining arrgghh I'm naturally someone that loves to be warm all the time and also enjoy dressing for hot weather, I put that down to being born in a hot country, Kenya.  So when I woke up on Friday to go to work, I thought right I'm putting on a bright outfit so at least what I'm wearing looks sunny!! The outfit also gives me a slight 80ish vibe with all its brightness! I was almost late to work that I forgot to put on any Jewellery, just noticed while looking at these pictures!


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