Thursday, 5 July 2012

The 'pleated leather skirt'

Pleated Skirt - £33 Ebay 
Shirt - £12 Primark
Bracelet - £10 Aldo
Wedges - £24.99 Garage Shoes
Studs - £2 Forever 21

My title says it all, I'm wearing the famous pleather pleated skirt that all bloggers love!! I try to shy away from buying items I see on too many people in general, but more so clothes I see on bloggers, as I don't want to look like everyone else.  This blog is meant to be about my personal style and not what I have similar to other bloggers.  That being said if I genuinely like something I will get it, because I'm doing it for me and not because its popular.  I have so many ideas in my head of how I can style this skirt which is another reason why I love it! I also love my new bracelet, I want to find any excuse to wear it, its just too cute.

Its almost the weekend and I'm actually so excited to just chill and do nothing! I stupidly run on about 9 hours sleep from Thursday to Saturday working 14 hour shifts and also going out afterwards, being so that I literally slept the entire Sunday and only woke up once to get a drink...Madness!

Hope your all well xx


  1. I have a similar skirt and I love it!
    you look great, love the color of your nails!
    kisses from México city! :)