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Paradise awaits

Necklace - £3 Primark (old)
Lace Peplum - H&M Dubai
Trousers - Select
Wedges - £20 Ebay (Here)

I was so tired when taking these pictures and it shows! Just one of those days when you have brain overload.  I haven't mentioned it before but I'm off to Morocco on Sunday whoohoo, I only booked it yesterday hence the stress and reason why I felt tired and frustrated.  I didn't plan to book it last minute, but I heard it was cheaper so wasn't worried at all.  Well actually its not cheap at all; When I checked on Sunday the flight was actually £100 cheaper then when I booked it yesterday!! arrggh.  I Checked it today again out of curiosity and it had gone up another £50, that made me feel a tad better.  Moral of the story is do not book your holiday the week that your leaving unless you know some tricks that I don't!

I wore this outfit to work yesterday, I love everything about it, especially how the necklace totally dresses up the outfit, but I felt too dressed up for work, so I opted for some nude wedges to dress it down a little x


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