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Summer Florals

Dress - Forever 21 (Really old!)
Belt - £1 Primark
Ballet Shoes - £6 Primark
Bracelet - £3 H&M
Ring - £3 Dorthy Perkins sale
Bag - Gift

This is what I wore to work yesterday, I haven't worn the dress in ages, once I got to work I realized it was a tad bit short for work!  My boss said I look like a different person everyday.. can you guess why? I have a different hairstyle every day! lol I don't purposely intend to, and before starting this blog I felt I was really boring when it came to my hair, But now I take pictures often for the blog I can see the variety of styles.  The thing is my hair has been the same length and colour since I was a teen, I just change the shades of brownness lool

But I actually do try many hairstyles, I have also embraced my natural curls which has opened me up to more styles.  I decide my hair styles normally on how my hair is behaving that day in all honesty, but sometimes it also depends on the outfit, for example if I'm wearing a top that comes up to my neck I may put my hair up.

You never know maybe one day I will do some hair videos, but I'm too shy!


  1. I like the simplicity of your outfit, the dress looks great on you!

    check out my blog & we could follow each other..

  2. I love this dress (yes I love everything you wear ;))


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