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Is Valentine's Day Overrated?

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I feel like I have been living under a rock as I only just realised it's Valentine's day tomorrow.  I mean I do know it's on Feb 14th but it's not a day I pencil in my diary and it's really the world of social media that reminds me it's coming.

I have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Valentine's day, one being that it's a day that puts both men and women under pressure to buy gifts, flowers, chocolates and go on expensive dates.  There is nothing wrong with this at all, those gestures should be done in a relationship anyway.  But I think there is something special about doing those things as a couple because you're celebrating an anniversary, or a special moment or just doing it because you both feel like treating each other once in a while, the point is, your doing it for you! not because everyone else is. 

I'm 14 years into my relationship, I can't deny that the first few years we did celebrate V day, it is something cute to celebrate when you're in a new relationship and a fun way to spice up a date.  I prefer to buy my other half a gift because I want to make him feel special for whatever reason that may be, rather than run around like a headless chicken with the rest of the UK.

I don't knock anyone that celebrates V day, I use to as well, when it comes down to it, any reason for celebration is a good reason to unwind and enjoy a great night with the one you love.

Do you celebrate Valentine's day? If so, what will you be doing?

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