Hey Girls!

I'm Carol, a wife, mother and Content Creator.
I love creating online content for my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram.
Taking pretty pictures, sharing tips and inspiration and talking to my readers
and followers about things I like excites me so much!


Colour Block - Green and Blue

Trousers - Select
Shirt - Primark
Heels - £12 Primark
YSL look-a-like ring - £7 Diamond Petal
Bracelet - H&M

I haven't colour blocked in a while, today I wanted to feel sunny even though the weather looked gloomy.
I'm a bit bummed because its starting to get dark before I get home from work, so its so hard to take pictures outside, does anyone have the same problem?  But i found this wall near my house that will get me by!


  1. Beautiful! Love the colour of the trousers xx

    1. Hey sweetie, how cute is that blouse? :-) That colour suits you so well and that embellished collar is such an eye candy. Yeah, it's a bummer the daylight gets shorter. It’s quite sad actually, in the winter, I leave for work and get home when it’s dark. What I do, because I don't have time to take pics during the week is, taking pics of 3 outfits at the weekend that will posted during the week. Maybe that might be an option for your Carol? :-) It works out pretty well for me. Or maybe you have a coworker who can take pics of your outfit during lunch time?

      Hope you had a blast in germany? What cities have you been visting?

      :-* Ani


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