Wednesday, 19 September 2012

White Ribbons

Skirt - £3 H&M Sale
Top - Primark (old)
Heels - £12 Primark
Jewellery - Diamond Petal

I just walked in my house at 11pm exhausted from a work event, I started work at 8am.  Any normal person would have gone straight to bed, but I haven't posted for a while and I'm having posting withdrawals! So I decided to take a picture of the outfit I wore to the event.  I wanted to keep it nice and simple but just gave it a splash of colour with the pink bag.

By the way, £3 for a skirt from H&M how amazing right, that's why I bought 3 in different colours, you definitely cannot go wrong! Night all xx


  1. I have that same exact skirt also from Sale, so funny. you look gorgeous Carol, I like that pink lipstick on you so much, especially with your teint it looks so refreshing and girly great match with the clutch :-)